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Top Rider’s Advanced Rider Training Levels (1-6) will take your riding far beyond what you currently think possible. You can’t buy experience on a bike; however, the right training will accelerate your expertise and technique. Our Advanced Levels offer you structured, in-depth, world-class personal training, that will see your riding skills reach new levels. Just like your bike’s gearbox, our Advance Level courses start from one and go to six; and just like your gearbox, our courses run sequentially, each building on the last. Because of that, it is a course requirement that the Advance Levels are taken in order and no levels are “missed”. 

At Luddenham Raceway we deliver levels 1 and 2.

  • Our Advanced Rider Training is aimed at all riders!
  • Level 1 is suitable for all levels of riders; road riders, track riders and race riders
  • Level 2 is also aimed at road riders, track riders and race riders
  • Small class sizes – maximum of 10 riders
  • 70% practical and 30% theory, which means riders are guaranteed plenty of riding
  • Top Rider’s unique program that has helped many national and international racers achieve their goals
  • Find out what each advanced rider training course entails below!
Level 1 – Braking & Cornering 

The start of becoming a better, safer motorcyclist.  This is a great start for all riders.

Braking & Cornering Level 1 covers:
  • Grip control and system of control for dry and wet

  • Braking and cornering

  • Rider posture and Body Language – braking and cornering

  • Rear brake skills

  • Throttle and gearing exercises – use of gearbox and clutch

  • Inappropriate rider inputs – using a system of control

  • Cornering – Posture

  • System control – wet Adjustment of speed up to corner

Level 2 – Braking & Cornering 

Here our instructors aim to have you riding on the correct line and at the right speed!

Braking & Cornering Level 2 covers:
  • Grip front tyre – overlap braking and rear brake

  • Steering geometry – overlap front brake

  • Find the right marks and the line we want – positioning information

  • Change of direction – posture – brake depth

  • Turning efficiently – steering geometry

  • Trail brake

  • System of control – dry turns, grip front

What to bring
  • Students will need to bring a motorcycle with a full tank of fuel
  • Riders must wear full leathers (leathers are required)
  • Each level is fully catered for
  • Power Included – Tyre Warmers Welcomed
  • Spectators are welcomed $5.00 entry per spectator and must be 16 years & old to enter. -( please contact event organiser prior to booking event in.)


11 Aug 2018


8:00 am - 4:00 pm



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