Go Karting

  • Yes, in order to drive at Luddenham Raceway you will be required to purchase and present a valid licence. The cost of the Luddenham Raceway licence is $10 per year. Your race licence permits you to drive at Luddenham Raceway for a period of 12 months. When you register for the first time at Luddenham Raceway you will also receive a complimentary balaclava to wear under your helmet for health, safety and hygiene purposes. Please remember to bring your balaclava with you when returning, as you will not be permitted to drive without a balaclava under your helmet. Licence holders will be randomly selected for prizes and promotional giveways including free birthday races, and invitations to closed events, so please don’t forget to register your contact details when registering for the first time.

  • No, we have a no outside food or drinks policy. As a safety precaution Luddenham Raceway has a no outside food or drinks policy, so no outside food and drinks are permitted to be brought into Luddenham Raceway. Glassware of any kind is also prohibited at Luddenham Raceway as stated in the terms and conditions.

  • To enquire about holding your event here call our events management team on 02 9834 2366 or email us at info@luddenhamraceway.com.

  • We cater for Kids parties, Adult parties, Bucks Parties, Special occasions , Corporate events and larger events for groups. What better way to celebrate a special occasion than an adrenalin pumping race experience. Kids can enjoy a karting party and we can cater for ages from 8 years to 80 years.

  • Luddenham Raceway is an outdoor facility. Karting will not be cancelled, and bookings will not be cancelled due to wet weather so plan your trip in advance and come prepared with suitable attire.

    In extreme weather the facility and the tracks may be closed. Luddenham Raceway will not operate during dangerous or inclement weather conditions.

    Refunds will not be offered due to inclement weather conditions.

    No refunds will be given on the basis of wet weather, and cancellations or transfers of bookings cannot be requested on the basis of wet weather. Luddenham Raceway operates in wet weather, please ensure that you make allowances for wet weather by bringing a change of clothes or alternatively you may purchase wet weather suits for $10.00 from the front desk.

    In the event that your event is postponed or cancelled due to extreme weather conditions which would make it dangerous or unsafe to proceed, you will be contacted and advised by Luddenham Raceway Staff, and their decision will be final. Should races need to be cancelled / postponed a race credit will be applied to your Luddenham Raceway Drivers Card for the session/s (or any part thereof) which you have been unable to complete on the day, and this credit may be redeemed at a mutually agreeable time OR if you have not begun your races, then your deposit will be transferred to your rescheduled event date. You have six (6) months from the original booking date to reschedule your event. Should you not nominate and rebook a new date within a period of six (6) months from the original booking date, you will forfeit your credit/s and or deposit.

  • To enquire about holding your event here call our events management team on 02 9834 2366 or email us at info@luddenhamraceway.com.

  • A drivers licence or formal photo identification such as an identity card or passport will need to be presented at check in.

  • You can bring your own helmets (including open face provided you bring eye protection) as long as they have the Australian Standard stickers on them and the helmets are not damaged or broken and are safe to use.

  • Yes you can, however we ask that you please share all images and recordings with us prior to publishing them. Please note that photography or recordings which will be used for commercial purposes will need to be approved by Luddenham Raceway before filmining may begin and before it may be published. Please note we accept no liability for lost or damaged equipment, and all equipment must be properly stored.

  • Yes Gloves must be worn while racing to protect your hands, you can either bring your own race gloves or we sell gloves on site

Motorsport Park

  • Drifting is strictly prohibited.

  • Yes, Live Timing / Lap Timing is included

  • No outside licensing required ( like other tracks have :)) to attend the day, only a valid Australian drivers License , Photo Id Card or Passport , is needed for sign in and participate . (Provisional drivers license and above accepted, if under 18 parent must be present for sign in)

  • No you don’t, if you have one that’s fine, but there are no requirements to have one.

  • Yes, 95dba is the noise limit.

  • Yes you can!*

  • Yes you can!*

  • Groups will be based off experience and lap times.

  • All Drivers must hold an Australian P1 Drivers Licence or Higher, (if your licence is expired or has been suspended, or you do not hold an Australian Drivers Licence contact info@luddenhamraceway.com for approval).

Gift Vouchers

  • Yes we do, Check out our online store to purchase one now.

  • You can purchase a voucher through the online store or you can purchase vouchers in person, at reception, at Luddenham Raceway.

  • Yes, you have 36 months (3 Years) from the date of issue from which to redeem your Voucher. Out of date Vouchers will not be redeemable and extensions will not be granted under any circumstances. You will need to physically present a voucher in order to redeem it.

    Vouchers sold PRIOR to March 2018 have a 12 MONTH (1 Year) Expiry Date which cannot be amended or changed, as Vouchers sold PRIOR to March 2018 were in keeping with the legislative requirements at that time. Only Vouchers sold AFTER March 2018 are valid for 36 Months (3 years), in keeping with amended legislative requirements which are not retrospective.

  • Email us at info@luddenhamraceway.com or call us on 612 9834 2366

  • You, the person named on the Voucher, may redeem the dollar amount listed on the Voucher, on Food, Drink, Merchandise and Services provided by Luddenham Raceway and available on the Day of Redemption.

    E.g. a $50.00 Gift Voucher gives you $50.00 to be spent at Luddenham Raceway on Food, Drink, Merchandise and Services, available on the day you are redeeming the Voucher.

    Vouchers do not entitle you to any specific goods and or services, and are simply a dollar amount that may be redeemed at Luddenham Raceway on available Food, Drink, Merchandise and Services, that are offered by Luddenham Raceway. Third Party offerings are not covered by Luddenham Raceway Vouchers. Please contact Luddenham Raceway if you have any queries.

  • Please choose carefully. We do not give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. In the event that when you redeem your voucher and the session is rained out and or cancelled due to poor weather or other issues on the day, you will be issued with a credit to redeem within 6 months.

  • No. Vouchers can only be redeemed for the dollar amount listed on the Voucher for available Food, Drink, Merchandise and Services, that are offered by Luddenham Raceway.

  • Please treat your voucher like it is cash. If your vouchers are lost or stolen they cannot be redeemed or replaced.

  • Please treat your voucher like it is cash. If your voucher is damaged and the identifying security features cannot be made out, then you will not be able to redeem your voucher

  • If you don’t use your Voucher in one go, then the remaining amount will be entered onto your ‘Luddenham Raceway License’ card/account and you will be able to redeem the remainder within the original expiry period listed on the Voucher.

  • If you spend more than what is on your voucher you will be able to pay the outstanding amount via cash or credit card.

  • No. Vouchers are non-transferable and must be redeemed solely by the person whose name is on the voucher.

  • Simply present the Voucher along with your Government Issued Photo ID (Australian Drivers Licence, Australian Photo ID Card or Passport only) at Luddenham Raceway when paying foravailable Food, Drink, Merchandise and Services, that are offered by Luddenham Raceway.

  • All persons redeeming Vouchers must abide by Luddenham Raceway Terms and Conditions and Conditions of Entry. Failure to do so will result in you being unable to redeem your Voucher and you will not be entitled to compensation or a refund on this basis.