Go Karting

Go Karting @ Luddenham Raceway

Arrive and Drive sessions give you a taste of what it’s like to be a racer! You will be out on track with a variety of drivers, whose ages and skills will vary. Sessions and wait times are subject to availability.

For private track time for you and your group we recommend booking one of our Group Event Packages

Wait Times

During peak periods (Weekends, School Holidays and Public Holidays) there can be long wait periods for Arrive and Drive Sessions, so we strongly recommend calling ahead half an hour before you arrive to check on wait times and availability!

Arrive & Drive

Arrive & Drive Sessions are 10-minute go karting sessions, open to the public, that do not require a minimum number of people to join, and cannot be pre-booked, as they are subject to availability.

They are a fun way to experience go karting and let loose on track!

To get out on track for Arrive & Drive, all you need to do is call ahead, on 02 9834 2366,  half an hour before you plan to arrive & you will receive an estimated update on current wait times and availability for the day.

Upon arrival, Staff are able to confirm current availability and from there, can check you into the next arrive & drive session.

Can I book an Arrive & Drive Session?

No, Sorry! We do not take bookings for Arrive and Drive Sessions, as these sessions are subject to availability.
We only take bookings for our Group Events such as a Mini Grand Prix or a Grand Prix, which are a different format and require a minimum of 10 people to book during peak periods.

How old do I have to be to drive a Go Kart at Luddenham Raceway?

Drivers need to be 15 years old, as we only have Adult Karts and do not have Junior Karts or Double Karts.

Want to make a booking?

We only take Go Karting Bookings for our Group Events, such as a Mini Grand Prix or Grand Prix.

These Group Events are run in a real race format, featuring a warm up heat, race heats and a grand final heat, lock in your race time, they provide exclusive use of the track while your group is driving and include a medal presentation at the end of your event.

A minimum of 10 is required to book a group event during peak trading periods, but you are welcome to reach out and see if we can accommodate a smaller group during off peak periods.

15 Years and Over : Pro Circuit

1 x 10 Minute Session – $45
2 x 10 Minute Sessions – $70
3 x 10 Minute Sessions – $100

+ $10 Race License, Valid for 12 Months

Please note that if you do not present a valid Luddenham Raceway Race Licence you will need to purchase before driving

The Details

What do I need to bring / wear?

  • Drivers MUST WEAR ENCLOSED shoes (sneakers or similar). You can’t drive in slides / heels / slip on shoes, so make sure you have enclosed shoes!
  • Gym Attire / Shirts / Pants / T-shirts / Singlets are fine, but you can’t wear anything that is loose or flowing such as scarves / long dresses or long skirts as these items are a safety hazard.
  • Sunscreen / Sunglasses are a great idea if the sun is not your friend.
  • All Participants over 18 must show one of the following forms of ID to be able to Check In:
    • Valid Australian Driver’s Licence
    • Valid Australian Photo Identification Card
    • Passport (Overseas Visitors only)
  • For Under 18’s we will only ask to see ID if there are issues verifying your age / identity.

What if I’m under 18 OR I am bringing someone who is under 18?

Anyone who is under 18 is a Minor, and will need their PARENT to sign their waivers before they will be able to participate.

Please note that ONLY THE PARENT OF A MINOR CAN SIGN THEIR MINOR IN (this means no Older Siblings / Uncles / Aunts / Grandparents / Friends etc, ONLY the actual Mum or Dad of the Minor).

To get the waivers signed you have two options:

1) Mum or Dad can come with you and sign you in, OR

2) Mum or Dad can complete the Take Home Waiver process before you arrive:

Take Home Waiver Process:
Step 1) Parent will click the link below and fills out their details.
Step 2) After completing their details, Parent will be prompted to ‘add minor’ and will fill out the details of their child / children.
Step 3) On Arrival, child will show reception a copy of the ID of the parent who completed their waiver (Copy of one of the following for the Parent Valid Aus Drivers Licence / Valid Aus Photo ID Card / Passport for Overseas Visitors)

The Pro Circuit • 600m

The Pro Circuit is for drivers over the ages of 15 . Drivers will love the fast flowing corners, and elevation changes in this picturesque setting here at Luddenham Raceway.

With 12 high speed flowing corners rewards the smoothest of drivers as momentum is key to a fast lap, elevations changes making a unique and interesting track. With large run off areas.

With LED Night-lights it’s a good challenge to come at night and make your mark.

Our Track not only meets, but also exceeds all of the highest safety standards ensuring you are in the safest hands and have fun.

Have some questions?

Drop us a line and one of our friendly staff will get back to you soon.