Ride Days

Ride Days at Luddenham Raceway

Your Bike, Our Track  – Find out what you and your bike are made of.

Your Ultimate Ride Day Experience. Ride Days are perfect for Road / Sports Bikes & Motard / Supermoto Bikes
The Motorsport Park at Luddenham Raceway features a purposely built circuit that is a thrilling and technical track with challenging elevation changes and plenty of technical corners to push you and your bike to the limits, develop your confidence and enhance your riding ability and skills, all in a fun, safe and controlled environment.




Upcoming Events

Sydney West Riders Ride Days 25th Aug

August 25 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Open Ride Day

from $230 per person

An Open Ride Day is designed for you to enjoy yourself  at your own pace, and explore the upper limits of your bike, while building your skills and having some fun.

Open Ride Days are great for an inexpensive option to test out your bike, perform a shakedown or simply get out on track and enjoy your bike solo, or make a day of it with friends.

Duration: 7:30 am arrival for check-in, registration and scrutineering, 8:30 am briefing, 9:00 am sessions begin, 4:30 pm day finishes

Format: There will be a max of 6 Groups, with a max of 15 riders per group. Groups will be organized accordingly.

Session Length: 15 Minute sessions, which will be run throughout the day.

Spectator/Pit Crew: $5*

Private Ride Day

from $395 per person

A Private Ride Day is the perfect way to experience the Main Circuit in a private and exclusive setting, where your group, with a minimum of 12 Riders during the week, and 18 Riders on weekends and public holidays, will have a Ride Day just for your participants!

A Private Ride Day is a great option for Corporate Events or just relaxed Social Gatherings, as you won’t need to worry about the stress of providing Insurance or hiring medics, staff and supervisors for the day, all you will need to do is turn up, register and focus on your bike, riding and having fun.

You and your group will have the day to yourselves so the Motorsport Park will be closed to the general public and only your authorized participants will be permitted access for the day.

Duration: 8:00 am arrival for check in, briefing and scrutineering, 9:00 am sessions begin, 4:30 pm day finishes.

Format: The format will be as per your requirements and customized to your needs.

Session Length: The length will be as per your requirements and customized to your needs.

Spectator/Pit Crew: $5*

Motorsport Park Private Hire

Enquire for Pricing

If the other options available don’t suit your needs you have the option of Private Hire of the Motorsport Park.

Private Hire is the ideal option for private events, product and bike launches, corporate events, media launches, filming commercials, product testing, vehicle testing, photoshoots and much much more.

Contact info@luddenhamraceway.com to discuss private hire requirements and rates.

Important Info for All Events:

*Please note that the Spectator Entry Fee is a cash payment only, as funds collected are donated at the end of the year to a charity of the Venue’s choosing. It is important to remember that all persons entering the Motorsport Park must be over 16 years old to enter as there are Live Pits at the Facility.

All riders must wear leathers (one piece or two piece), boots, gloves and a helmet.

All spectators / pit crew must wear enclosed shoes, and must be able to be aware of and identify hazards as the facility has Live Pits.

All Persons attending will need to ensure that they have one of the following forms of Photo Identification on them, Australian Drivers Licence, Australian Photo ID Card or Passport only, ID will need to be presented at Check In and may be held as a form of security if equipment or passes are issued.

No one under the age of 16 years is permitted in the Motorsport Park Area (only exception is if you are a Driver or Rider in an event and have been cleared for participation by the Event Organizer).

All bikes must pass scrutineering, this means that brakes will be checked and must be in good working condition as deemed by the scrutineer, and your bike must not be leaking any oil or fluid. Your bike must be in good working order and if there are any concerns you should contact the organizer before booking an event.

Sliders must be fitted to all bikes.

Burn outs and dangerous behaviour that would endanger your life or the lives of others is strictly prohibited.

Drivers must hold a current Drivers License, if you do not hold one please contact the event organizer to explain your circumstances and be cleared to drive.

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