Corporate Wellness

Transform your Mind and Body and Improve Employee Wellness

Combine a Corporate Wellness Package with a Go Karting Package, or a Paintball Challenge, which will ensure that everyone is Rev’d and Relaxed in the ultimate Corporate Team Bonding Day Out! 

With a minimum of 10 people you and your team can spend the day relaxing and revitalizing body and mind and stimulating the senses. 

You will have a private room and qualified instructor to guide you through different forms of Yoga Movements, Meditation and Breath Work to help your Team walk away feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world.


Corporate Warrior Stress Buster

$180 PP • Approx 2 Hours 

The Corporate Warrior Stress Buster is the perfect way to release some energy & learn some stress busting techniques!

This package combines meditation techniques & paintball target practice
(no running or pain required!).

Starting with Hula Hooping to warm up, followed by a focus & visualization practice, to heighten your awareness & relax you in preparation for battle.

The Paintball Challenge will follow, with a focus on aim & accuracy on targets (so it’s great for all ability levels), with a medal presentation at the end.

Mini Retreat

$220 PP • Approx 3 Hours 

The Mini Retreat is a great way to learn new relaxation techniques for the workplace & let off some steam.

This Package combines your choice of Yoga or a Meditation Class & a Go Karting Challenge.

Starting with your choice of one of the options below, you will focus on relaxation techniques designed to allow you to combat workplace pressures:

Option 1  Chair Yoga / Matt Yoga; OR

Option 2  Meditation Class 

Followed by a Go Karting challenge, the Mini Grand Prix involves a 5 min. Warm Up Heat, 2 x 10 minute Race Heats & 1 x 10 minute Grand Final with a medal presentation at the end.

Rev and Relax

$340 PP • Approx 5 Hours 

The Rev and Relax package is the ultimate team bonding package with a focus on wellness and fun.

This package offers a more in-depth experience with a 2 hour Yoga and Meditation Class, specifically designed to teach techniques that will be beneficial to combating stresses in the workplace, as well as some Hula Hooping to Warm Up and break the ice.

Followed by a Go Karting challenge, the Grand Prix involves a 5 minute Warm Up Heat, 10 minute Race Heat, 20 minute Race Heat and a 20 minute Grand Final with a medal presentation at the end.

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