Terms and Conditions

  • Vouchers are valid for 36 months (3 Years) from date of issue and cannot be extended under any circumstances.
  • Vouchers are redeemable for the dollar amount listed on the Voucher only, e.g. a $50.00 Gift Voucher gives you $50.00 to be spent at Luddenham Raceway on Food, Drink, Merchandise and Services, available on the day you are redeeming the Voucher.
  • Vouchers are only redeemable at Luddenham Raceway for Luddenham Raceway Goods and Services, i.e. Food, Drinks, Merchandise and Services that Luddenham Raceway provides and that are available on the day of redemption.
  • Vouchers must be physically presented when redeeming. Lost Vouchers cannot be redeemed or replaced under any circumstances and should be treated like cash.
  • Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and any remaining amount on a Voucher will not be returned as cash and instead will be noted as a credit on your Luddenham Raceway Account. The Credit will be valid on your account up until the date of expiry listed on your Gift Voucher.
  • Vouchers are non-transferable and must be redeemed by the person named on the Voucher.
  • Valid, Government Issued Photo Identification (Australian Drivers Licence, Australian Photo ID Card or Passport only) is required to verify and redeem a Voucher.
  • Holding a Voucher does not guarantee you any Food, Drink, Merchandise or Services that Luddenham Raceway may have available for sale. A Voucher simply entitles the holder of the Voucher (as named on the Voucher) to redeem the Voucher for the dollar amount listed on the Voucher for available Food, Drink, Merchandise and Luddenham Raceway Services on the day of redemption.
  • All Voucher Holders must abide by Luddenham Raceway Terms and Conditions of Entry when redeeming Vouchers. Failure to do so will result in you being unable to redeem your Voucher and no compensation or refunds will be offered in the event that you are not allowed to redeem your Voucher due to non-compliance with Terms and Conditions of Entry.
  • All Vouchers are sold byHutland Pty Ltd T/A Luddenham Raceway (ABN 96 157 974 199) and any queries or issues should be sent to info@luddenhamraceway.comalong with a copy of the Voucher in question, you must make sure that the Voucher number is visible so that it may be looked up.
  • A Voucher cannot be refunded for Change of Mind. The onus of ensuring that the Voucher is suitable is on the Purchaser and the Purchaser must ensure that the recipient is aware of the Terms and Conditions of the Voucher if the Voucher is being given as a gift.

Further Terms & Conditions can be found at https://luddenhamraceway.com/faqs/ and https://luddenhamraceway.com/legal